About the Tour

What is a ghost tour?
A ghost tour is a walking tour that travels the streets stopping along at buildings that are thought to be haunted. We will present you with the facts and folklore attached to each location, and you can draw your own conclusions. We do not enter any of the buildings, for most of them are privately or university-owned.
What should I wear?
Our tour goes along the often steep, uneven streets of Providence. Comfortable walking shoes are very important, and weather-appropriate attire is recommended. You might think about dressing in layers. We would also encourage you to bring some water to stay hydrated.
Can I bring a camera?
Digital and standard photographic cameras are encouraged, as you might capture one of our ghosts! Tour-goers get orbs all the time. If you do capture anything exciting with a camera, we'd love for you to share the pictures with us on our website!

Video cameras and other equipment used to record audio are prohibited from the tour but you are welcome to venture to the locations and use your equipment after the tour has concluded.
Do you have to believe in ghosts to enjoy this tour?
No! This is tour is for everyone whether you are a cynic, skeptic or a firm believer as well those of your who are undecided. If nothing else, you'll walk away with new knowledge of Providence's dark side.
Does anything jump out at you?
Nope, we are a walking, story-telling tour. Our guides, though very energetic and charismatic will never yell "Boo", although some of the spirits on the tour have in the past made themselves known to some lucky tour-goers. There are plenty of great attractions in Rhode Island where things will jump out and interact with you, however we are not one.
How long is the tour? I have a hot date later that night.
The tour is about an hour and a half give or take 10 minutes. You should bring your date with you.

Check-in, Weather and Parking

How does the check-in process go? Do we have to print anything out?
Nope! We believe in ghosts, but not necessarily in trees becoming them. We do our tickets will-call style, so there are no physical tickets. If you have purchased your ticket online, simply show up and give us the name on the credit card (or Paypal account) you ordered with. That's it!
Is the tour appropriate for children?
The material discussed during the tour deals with murders, suicides and unusual deaths. This might be too frightening for some children, so please gauge your child's tolerance of such subjects and plan accordingly.
How do we buy children's tickets? I don't see anywhere to do that on the site.
It's true, we don't have a system for doing that online at this point. Children under 13 are $10 per child and these tickets can be purchased in cash when you check in. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. We promise to have room for them.
Is the tour handicapped accessible?
The tour travels along streets and sidewalks, some of which have steep grade. We would not recommend wheelchairs on the tour, as the terrain is often steep, but if you are up for it, please join us. We are also able to provide a sign-language interpreter with two weeks notice.
What times do the tours start?
The tours start at 7pm in the fall (Sep, Oct, Nov) and at 8pm in the summer (Jun, July, Aug). Essentially we just follow the sunset. Tours leave on the dot and will not wait for anyone who is running late, so please be prompt!
Where can we park?
Plenty of free street parking near the park. This is a residential neighborhood so just please be considerate of the neighbors.
Does the tour continue through all weather?
We will travel through rain, but if we are under a severe weather watch or a very extreme weather situation, your tour will be rescheduled.
Are there mosquitos?
Yes this summer (2013) there have been more than usual, especially at the park. We would advise you to come prepared with some bug spray applied during or beforehand.
Are dogs allowed?
Yes, dogs are allowed. The ghost tour is actually a great, pet-friendly thing to do. We do have one condition, and that is that you are responsible for your dog and should they cause a problem or if a guest has a problem with them, we will ask you to remove the dog from the tour.
Are there bathrooms?
No there are not. The closest public restrooms are located in restaurants on Thayer St, which is a 7-10 minute walk from the park that we start at, so please be sure to go before you arrive!

Refunds, Coupons and Gift Certificates

Do you give refunds?
Tickets are non-refundable. If you have a specific complaint, please address this to Mike or Courtney, and each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.
I was super awesome and bought a friend one of your Gift Certificates. What is the best way to give it to them?
Have them close their eyes and yell "BOO!". No just kidding, inappropriate at the holidays. When you order a gift certificate, you will get a receipt from Paypal as well as an email from us with instructions. These instructions are typically geared towards regular tour-goers (guests who are buying tickets for themselves), but in your case (since you were such a nice person), all you have to do is print out that Paypal receipt you got. You will see that it mentions that it is indeed a gift certificate good for any 1 (one) tour of that year. Just have them bring that there print-out with them and Voila! they'll be redeeming your very thoughtful gift.
Someone was nice (and strange) enough to buy us a Gift Certificate for the Holidays. Now what?
Oh what a nice family member/friend/co-worker you have. All you have to do is take that printed Paypal receipt that your gift-giver gave you and bring it with you on ANY 1 (one) tour of the season it is valid for. It's that simple. And don't worry, we'll have room for you, because you're special.


My house is haunted, will you perform research on the history of my house?
We used to, but not so much anymore but we are friendly with a number of local paranormal investigator groups and would happy to forward you on to them.
Are we ghosts?
No, we are not.