About Us


We decided that we would develop a ghost tour based on research and historical documentation. We wouldn't jump to any conclusions and would perform research on any story that we uncovered with the hopes of letting the tour participants make the call. We searched books, we searched the Providence Journal index, we talked to librarians, we talked to locals and we searched the internet. We handed out form letters door-to-door. We actually performed the tedious task of going through reel after reel of the Providence death records looking for "abnormal deaths". By doing so, we found murders, we found suicides, we found accidents and we found fire victims...and we found where they died. Many of the stories we uncovered have most likely been lost by time but we would like to think that we are resurrecting them. Although we tried to stay as objective as possible when compiling and presenting this data, we keep in mind that this morbid information is in fact an actual account of the lives of real people. We wish to maintain respect for these stories and hope you will as well.


This historic neighborhood got its start in the 1630s and today is one of the cultural centers of the state. Home of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, the area was one of the first to be settled in Rhode Island back in the days of Roger Williams. The original homelots of the settlers lined what is today known as South and North Main. Although time has changed the area, many of the houses here date back before the Revolution.


The Providence Ghost Tour was born early in the year of 2006 when friends Mike and Courtney decided they wanted to start a business...Courtney had spent a few years working as a tour guide on The Newport Ghost Tour and Mike, a former engineer, was working as an independent researcher for the Historical Society. Both had a general interest in the paranormal. They soon decided that they would look into developing a ghost tour. After haunting the poor people at the Providence Historical Society, burying the librarians at the Providence Public Library, slaughtering the archivists at the Rhode Island State Archives and making cute puns on their website, the Providence Ghost Tour was born.

We would like to consider ourselves skeptical believers in the paranormal and have tailored our tour to give you an unbiased view of recorded events, personal accounts and folklore. We do not spook you with the way we tell our stories, we spook you with the stories themselves.


All tour material including scripts, routes, research, artwork and marketing materials are the sole property of The Providence Ghost Tour, and may not be used without written permission from The Providence Ghost Tour.