Please enter your Groupon Coupon Number so that we can locate your record and help you to reserve a date on our tour (it's the number in the upper right of your Groupon voucher that looks kinda like this: #123-XX)

Have you read all the details and fine print on the site and still have questions? Here is a special FAQ for those of you who were fortunate enough to take advantage of this great offer!

When can I use these tickets?
Great question, and an easy answer. These tickets are valid for any ghost tour we have from now until mid September. They will not be accepted after that date, but will be accepted in value towards the purchase of full-price tickets. These tours start at 8pm.
We want to bring more guests, can we?
Of course, but not under the Groupon discount- additional guests will have to buy their GHOULISH tickets just like everyone else- it pays to be internet-saavy.
Will you ever have another promotion like this? Sniff sniff
Ah, hmmm- not this year, maybe next. We often do last minute deals, but the best access to that is either by signing up for our mailing list or Becoming a Fan on Facebook. The Facebook way is best, because we will often do our deals LAST MINUTE with no notice, so that is the best way for you to find them.
I had problems when I tried to order my Groupon
Sadly, everything having to do with the transaction itself, the ticket selection and the promo belongs to Groupon- only they can help with Groupon-related problems. You can contact their support at We just get the list and go..